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Take care of your health

At work it is easy to forget time and we happen to stress a lot at work. And that is usually because we want to make a good impression and we have a lot to do when we are there.

So how can we take care of our health when we have a lot to do and not much time to rest and do exercise?

Its not always easy and especially in the beginning, its hard and we don't  want to do it and so on. But it is wort it. Say you work with regulatory affairs or with cro or with something different, you always have things do do and interesting things to do. Then its really important that we take time to rest and to eat well and do our exercise. That will make us feel better and we will get more energy so we can do our work even better. So its really a good thing to take care of our health.
That way we will last longer and be able to do what we love the most for a very long time. So take your time to do good thing for your body. Many you can have a meeting with a client or college during a walk instead of a normal sitting down meeting.
Or you can make a small change in your diet, so it will give you more energy so you can work more and get more good energy to your body.
Yes, it does not have to be hard to do it, small changes are also good for you. Thats how you start, and then you can make more changes. Bit by bit is a good way of doing it, that way you won't stop because it feels to hard, no you will feel good and happy about your selfe.